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NICWA acts as a national repository for current and archival information, articles, training manuals, curricula, tribal state agreements, policy and procedures manuals, and legislative reviews related to child welfare. NICWA has collected resources about specific child welfare topics into comprehensive information packets. This page contains descriptions and ordering information for available information packets.

Indian Child Welfare Act Background Packet

Price: $22.50 | More »

Judicially Created Exceptions to the Indian Child Welfare Act Packet

Price: $10.60 | More »

Indian Child Welfare Welfare Act Implementation Packet

Price: $11.90 | More »

Indian Child Welfare Act Amendments Packet

Price: $11.50 | More »

Indian Children Adopted Into Non-Indian Homes Packet

Price: $13.20 | More »

Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act

Price: $15.20 | More »

Foster Care Packet

Price: $15.60 | More »

Parenting Packet

Price: $13.20 | More »

Boarding Schools Packet

Price: $8.00 | More »

Suicide Packet

Price: $5.80 | More »