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The National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) has developed the following fact sheets, which can be printed on a single page (double side copy) for use as a handout.

Each sheet includes a 3 paragraph historical description, a map of the state or US Territory, and state-specific demographic information on the American Indian/Alaska Native population from the 2000 U.S. Census data.

The sheets also include state-specific contact information for tribal governments, key tribal organizations, urban Indian organizations, state “Indian Affairs” departments and federal Indian agencies. Our staff researched each state via information on the Internet, phone directories and other sources.

We have done our best to be accurate in representing contact organizations in each state, within the space of our 2-page limit. As of the dates published on the individual sheets, the contact information was verified by our staff as being accurate. Inclusion or omission of any organization listed on a fact sheet does not represent an endorsement of that organization by NICWA.

American Indian/Alaska Native (AI/AN) Fact Sheets by State

All fact sheets are in Portable Document Format (PDF).