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Cori Matthew (Salish/Blackfeet)

Cori Matthew (Salish/Blackfeet)

Director of Policy and Programs

(503) 222-4044, Ext. 146

Cori earned her bachelor’s degree in criminal justice from Chapman University, and her master’s degree in human relations, with an emphasis in counseling from the University of Oklahoma. Cori has previously worked for the Native American Youth and Family Center as the director of youth and education services. She developed, implemented, and oversaw program services for youth aged 5-24 years old, including oversight and management of budgets and contracts, providing leadership to staff, identifying and addressing youth and family program development, and professional development plans that enhanced her staff’s ability to address student needs. Cori has also worked for her tribe, the Confederated Salish and Kootenai Tribe, as a social worker.