First published online: July 13, 2021

On Wednesday, July 21, 2021, at 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time, President Vigil of the National Indian Child Welfare Association (NICWA) will be providing testimony before the Senate Committee on Indian Affairs regarding H.R. 1688, the Native American Children’s Protection Act.

The legislation reauthorizes the funding of two grant programs and a resource center under the Indian Child Protection and Family Violence Prevention Act (P.L. 101-630). The law was last reauthorized in 2010 and needs to be reauthorized again for Congress to be able to appropriate grant funds for the grant programs and resource center.

The passage of H.R. 1688 is one of NICWA’s top policy priorities in 2021 and provides two grant programs one for preventing child abuse and neglect and domestic violence and the other for treating victims of child abuse and neglect and domestic violence. The grant programs are specifically for tribal governments and don’t require tribes to compete with states for the funding.

Take action and contact your senators and ask them to support this legislation as it moves through the Senate.



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