National Child Welfare Association

Tribal Child Welfare Worker Certification

mother holding son - photo by Kristin Beadle

Please note: At this time new certification applications are not currently being considered. If you are interested in being notified about updates to the program, please email Thanks.

For more about our our online Indian Child Welfae Act course click here.

NICWA’s tribal child welfare worker certification process serves as an effective way for highly qualified child welfare workers to demonstrate their professional proficiency to the field of tribal child welfare, to tribal communities and child welfare programs, and to the Native families they serve.

The practice of tribal child welfare work is grounded in specialized knowledge and understanding about the history, traditions, values, and family systems of the tribal groups served. Acquiring certification elevates this unique skill set and knowledge, and communicates to other professionals and entities a higher-level working mastery of the field.

Today, tribal child welfare programs face an ever-increasing level of accountability and transparency in providing the highest quality services to families they serve.

Demonstrate your program’s commitment to providing the strongest services possible by certifying your team through NICWA’s tribal child welfare worker certification program.

For more information on the tribal child welfare certification process, contact our office at (503) 222-4044.