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NICWA invites American Indian and Alaska Native artists to participate in our Call for Artists. The 2023 Protecting Our Children Conference Call for Artists is open.

The selected artist will be awarded a cash prize of $1,500 for the use of their work in promotional materials for our next year’s conference. Artists also may receive a free arts and crafts vendor spot at our conference as long as they notify NICWA by December of the year the art is chosen. The image will be published on NICWA’s website and printed materials reaching thousands, as well as being the visual centerpiece throughout the event. This is a can’t-miss opportunity for any Native artist looking to achieve exposure on a national scale.

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Previous Selections

Click on the links below to view the artwork that has been chosen to represent NICWA’s conference in the past.

2022 – Erica Deitz, Homecoming

2021– Jessiray Wheeler, The Huddle

2020 – Mark Kawesoton Light, Resilience

2019 – Orlando Begay, Knowing What Really Matters

2018 – Apayo Moore, Our Provider

2017 – Rochelle Lame Bull, Safe

2016 – Hillary Davis Kempenich, Walk Me into the Arena

2015 – Candy Solomon, Mother and Daughter

2014 – Topaz Jones, Life Lines Within Family

2013 – John Isaiah Pepion, My Family

2012 – Michael J. Marin, Guardians of Hope

2011 – Percy Avugiak, Protecting Our Children

2010 – Gerald Dawavendawa, Gathering Around Her

2009 – Melissa Melero, Morning Rain

2008 – Shirod Younker, Basket Cap Studies #1