National Child Welfare Association


NICWA Office

5100 SW Macadam Avenue, Suite 300
Portland, OR 97239
Phone: (503) 222-4044
Fax: (503) 222-4007


Executive Director

Sarah Kastelic (Alutiiq)
Email |ext. 128

Development Director

Kim Christensen (Ojibwe)
Email | ext. 123

Senior Advisor

Terry Cross (Seneca)
Email | ext. 150

Development Associate

Brenda Hernandez
Email | ext. 117

Member Relations Manager

Tristan Tipps-Webster
Email | ext. 127



Financial Services Manager

Tia Begay (Diné)
Email | ext. 157

Project Coordinator

Alexis Contreras (Grand Ronde)
Email | ext. 132

Director of Finance

John Gamiles


Project Coordinator

Valorie Gaede (Shoshone Bannock)
Email | ext. 145

Project Coordinator

Emily Hancock (Cherokee)
Email | ext. 129


Monica Hawley (Ioway)
Email | ext. 115


Director of Operations

Matthew Scott (Siletz)
Email | ext. 147

Director of Events and Training

Lauren Shapiro
Email | ext. 118

Project Coordinator

Nicole Stewart
Email | ext. 110


Human Resources Manager

Chandra Wilson (Klamath-Modoc)
Email | ext. 111


Sarah Wittman thumbnailEvent Coordinator

Sarah Wittmann
Email | ext. 124

AprilExecutive Assistant to Sarah Kastelic and Library Specialist

April Ybarra
Email | ext. 140


Adam BecentiCommunity Development Specialist

Adam Becenti (Diné)
Email | ext. 135

Barbara GladueFamily Engagement Specialist

Barbara Gladue (Anishinaabe)
Email | ext. 122

Shanna KnightICWA Specialist

Shanna Knight
Email | ext. 134

Jackie MalstromYouth Engagement Specialist

Jackie Malstrom (Akimel O’odham/Yaqui)
Email| ext. 120

Cori MatthewDirector of Programs & Policy

Cori Matthew (Salish and Blackfeet)
Email | ext. 146


Crys OResearch Manager

Crys O'Grady
Email | ext. 144

Research Director

Puneet Sahota


David SimmonsDirector of Government Affairs and Advocacy

David E. Simmons
Email | ext. 119

Alton SpencerCommunity Development Specialist

Alton Spencer
Email | ext. 159