National Child Welfare Association

33rd Annual Protecting Our Children National American Indian Conference on Child Abuse and Neglect
April 19-22, 2015 | Portland, Oregon


Lauren Shapiro

Events Manager

(503) 222-4044 ext. 118

Workshop Tracks

Data and Research

Learn about current research in the fields of Indian child welfare, children’s mental health, and youth development. Learn how to use data to evaluate and improve program services, and hear from tribal and urban Indian community programs that are utilizing evidence-based practices or are establishing and documenting new best practice models. Learn how to share data effectively across systems, integrate data systems among tribal programs, develop tribal or community-based management information systems, and use data to inform budget and programming decisions.

Child Welfare, Foster Care, and Adoption Services

From grant writing for child welfare programs to implementing differential response and identifying best practices in family team decision making, you are sure to find the latest and most up-to-date information. Explore topics including providing effective prevention services and planning for youth engagement while establishing transitional services. Workshops will support improvements in your child welfare, foster care, and adoption services as well as the skills of program staff, which could impact your program, tribe, and community for generations to come.

Children's Mental Health

Leaders in the field of children’s mental health will share experience and information on the issues that impact Indian children everywhere. Learn how to support and nurture families dealing with Fetal Alcohol Syndrome and empower young people using new community engagement techniques. Learn about Systems of Care, how to address the difficult topic of youth suicide, and what can be done to change the future for young people to bring promising results.  Incarceration is a common result of historical trauma; explore new techniques for culturally appropriate services, including traditional healing and other ways to heal our children, families, and communities.

Youth and Family Engagement

American Indian/Alaska Native families need support and encouragement. Learn traditional techniques used to engage tribal families and build community capacity as well as how to organize and provide in-home support services. Hear about promising programs to develop strong leaders and promote our culture and traditions in Indian Country. Find out how urban Indian social service programs provide services and impact the families they serve. Collaboration between tribal child welfare and TANF programs leads to a broader array of more effective services for families. Learn what communities are doing across the country to engage tribal youth.

Legal Affairs and Advocacy

The Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) creates minimum federal standards for state court proceedings and state child welfare workers; it also recognizes tribal jurisdiction and authority for service provision. Learn about the basic requirements of ICWA, efforts to ensure ICWA compliance in state child welfare courts and systems, innovative practice in tribal courts, and advocacy at the federal and state level on behalf of tribal child welfare courts and systems. Workshops will discuss ICWA performance measures, tribal-state agreements, and legal strategies. Learn how we can honor the spirit of ICWA through effective legal practice and how effective collaboration can lead to meaningful systems change.

Workshops for management and administrators will be highlighted! These workshops will focus on topics including funding, leadership, and administrative planning.