Fiscal Director

Tia Begay (Diné)
Ext. 157

Project Coordinator

Betty Bryant
Ext. 121

Member Relations Manager

Jeremy Chase-Israel
Ext. 127

Research Assistant 

Alexis Contreras (Grand Ronde)
Ext. 132

Founder and Senior Advisor

Terry Cross (Seneca)
Ext. 150

Deputy Director

Lindsay Early (Comanche)
Ext. 144

Executive Director

Sarah Kastelic (Alutiiq)
Ext. 128

Individual Giving Manager

Brenda Nelson 
Ext. 117

Director of Research

Puneet Sahota

Director of Events and Training

Lauren Shapiro
Ext. 118

Director of Government Affairs and Advocacy

David Simmons
Ext. 119

Human Resources Coordinator

Nicole Stewart
Ext. 110

Fiscal Assistant

Vilma Vere
Ext. 138

Event Manager

Sarah Wittmann
Ext. 124

Executive Assistant to Sarah Kastelic and Library Specialist

April Ybarra Black
Ext. 140

Strategic Communications Manager

Amory Zschach 
Ext. 133