Group Contracts

Improve your staff’s knowledge of the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA) of 1978. By providing the Introduction to ICWA course to your staff, they will be prepared to effectively work with ICWA cases. Using NICWA’s learning management system, many staff can be trained on ICWA and each learner can go at their own pace. It can also be helpful with staff turnover as you can have new staff get trained as soon as they start. A group contract for our online course is a great way to train, administer, and monitor your staff’s understanding of ICWA.

Contracts offer groups the opportunity to designate an administrator who will receive monthly reports on the status of their participants. The team leader or administrator of the group can assign the course to their staff as well as monitor their progress on the course. Groups with over 25 or more participants also receive a discounted rate as indicated in the table below. For more on our online course group contracts, download our flyer.

Group Registration:

 Number of Users  Cost Per User  Administration Fee
 0–24  $100  $100*
 25–49  $90  $150
 50–74  $80  $200
 75+  Contact NICWA  Contact NICWA

*Note to groups with 24 participants or less: Entering into a contract is optional if your group contains less than 25 people. If you do not care to receive monthly reports on the status of your participants, simply register them using the method indicated for individuals above.

If you choose to register your group of less than 25 participants as individual registrants, the administrative fee indicated in the table below will not apply to you. Similarly, if you want to register 25 people or more but do not care about reports, you do not need to pay the administrative fee but there is no group discount. You will not be able to track your participant’s individual progress.

Contact NICWA at (503) 222-4044 or by email to register and set up group payment and contract.